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The Color Sense Game March 6, 2009

While picking paint colors is one of the most fun parts of decorating or redecorating a room, it can also be one of the most frustrating.  I mean, how are you supposed to know which colors will look best together just by looking at those tiny paint samples on the color wheel?

Now Pittsburgh Paints has taken all of the guess work out of putting together paint colors.  The Color Sense Game is a really cool online quiz that uses your answers to the quiz to develop a color palette for your home that is perfectly suited to your own personal tastes.

 The Voice of Color

The questions on the quiz are fun and original, asking things like “If a genie granted you two wishes, what would you wish for” and “What is your dream vacation?”  From your answers, The Color Sense Game places you into a primary “harmony family” such as “Morning Rose” and a secondary harmony family like “Al Fresco.”  These harmony families are intended to present you with color palettes that will inspire the paint colors in your own home.

So far I’ve played The Color Sense Game twice, fitting into different harmony families each time.  The first time I was “Pop Art” and “Tapestry and Mosaic.”  The Pop Art color palettes are vibrant and energetic:


Pop Art - The Color Sense Game - 1   Pop Art - The Color Sense Game - 2  Pop Art - The Color Sense Game - 3  Pop Art - The Color Sense Game - 4  Pop Art - The Color Sense Game - 5   Pop Art - The Color Sense Game - 6    Pop Art - The Color Sense Game - 7

The second time I played the game my primary harmony family was “Al Fresco” and the secondary harmony family was “Water Beads.”  Al Fresco color combinations are inspired by nature, and focus primarily upon shades of green:


Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 10  Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 9  Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 8  Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 7  Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 6  Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 5  Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 4  Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 3  Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 1  Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 2



As you can see, you may wind up with a different harmony family each time you play The Color Sense Game, depending upon your answers.  It’s fun because you can see the wide range of color palettes available – you might wind up liking several that aren’t even in your harmony family!  Click here to play The Color Sense Game yourself!


Images courtesy of Pittsburgh Paints.


Bargain Hunting February 18, 2009

When we first started the renovation, I was convinced that certain design elements were just out of reach.  They were too expensive, couldn’t have’em, end of story, period.  After briefly mourning the loss of my fancy goodies, I decided to take matters into my own hands – me, be denied glass tile??  I think not!!

So the quest began.  A little time spent perusing discount websites, home improvement stores, etc. finally led to victory.  Here are a few of the awesome steals you can find with a just little effort:


Example No. 1:  The oh-so-fancy sea blue glass tile in our master shower.  I am head over heels for this tile, and I can’t believe it’s mine!  Glass tile can be ridiculously expensive (up to $30 a square foot for some styles), and while we stayed away from the really pricey stuff we were able to steal this tile for less than half of its original price because it was being discontinued by the manufacturer.  Score!!

Example No. 2:  The undermount, scalloped porcelain sinks in our jack ‘n jill bath.  Would you have ever guessed that I found these beautiful babies for 20 bucks a piece at Lowe’s?  These suckers can easily go for up to $100 a piece, so I was beyond thrilled to polish off both sinks in that bathroom for under $40.

Example No. 3:  The blown glass pendant lights in our master bath.  These beauties are probably my favorite design element in our bathroom.  They have the exact same shade of blue as the shower tile, giving balance to the room and adding a fun pop of color on what’s otherwise essentially a tan wall.  The price, you might ask?  I was totally psyched when I found them at Lowe’s for about 1/4 of what they were selling for at two other stores that shall remain unnamed.    

Don’t let something like a price tag keep you from having the awesome design of your dreams – do a little research and you’ll find amazing deals that you won’t be able to stop talking about.  Let me know what great steals you were able to find for your own home!!