It’s Great To Be Home . . .

a homebody’s guide to home renovation and more

Meet the Homebody February 13, 2009

And so it began…

Fresh out of law school, the hubs and I set forth on the path towards marital bliss in 2007 in a brand-spankin’ new townhouse in an ever-so-trendy hot spot in Dallas, Texas, where we both grew up.  While I can still recite the townhouse’s many virtues by heart (fancy countertops, walking distance to restaurants…you get the idea), after less than a year I grew tired of builder’s beige and began to long for a reno project of my very own.

The hubs took surprisingly little convincing, and before we knew it the townhouse was up for grabs!  (Let me tell you, having a husband with a real estate license is a beautiful thing).   After only a month of having the townhouse on the market (it sold in record speed, and we still can’t believe the sale price), five months of looking for a “new” (i.e., old and in need of renovation but new to us) home, and over six months of living with my parents while the new house was being renovated (thanks Mom & Dad!!) , it’s GREAT to be home!! 

The new digs have been transformed from top to bottom – the flocked wallpaper and Astroturf (don’t ask) have given way to an awesome home that is comfortable, classic and full of personality (not that flocked wallpaper and Astroturf don’t SCREAM personality, but you know what I mean).  Now that the dust has settled, it’s high time to fill you in on the tips and secrets I have learned for spiffing up your own home.  

So, take a look at the new digs!!  Check back when you can, ’cause I’ll be keeping you filled in on all of my tips and new projects as they pop up around the house… 

~ Liz


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