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The Color Sense Game March 6, 2009

While picking paint colors is one of the most fun parts of decorating or redecorating a room, it can also be one of the most frustrating.  I mean, how are you supposed to know which colors will look best together just by looking at those tiny paint samples on the color wheel?

Now Pittsburgh Paints has taken all of the guess work out of putting together paint colors.  The Color Sense Game is a really cool online quiz that uses your answers to the quiz to develop a color palette for your home that is perfectly suited to your own personal tastes.

 The Voice of Color

The questions on the quiz are fun and original, asking things like “If a genie granted you two wishes, what would you wish for” and “What is your dream vacation?”  From your answers, The Color Sense Game places you into a primary “harmony family” such as “Morning Rose” and a secondary harmony family like “Al Fresco.”  These harmony families are intended to present you with color palettes that will inspire the paint colors in your own home.

So far I’ve played The Color Sense Game twice, fitting into different harmony families each time.  The first time I was “Pop Art” and “Tapestry and Mosaic.”  The Pop Art color palettes are vibrant and energetic:


Pop Art - The Color Sense Game - 1   Pop Art - The Color Sense Game - 2  Pop Art - The Color Sense Game - 3  Pop Art - The Color Sense Game - 4  Pop Art - The Color Sense Game - 5   Pop Art - The Color Sense Game - 6    Pop Art - The Color Sense Game - 7

The second time I played the game my primary harmony family was “Al Fresco” and the secondary harmony family was “Water Beads.”  Al Fresco color combinations are inspired by nature, and focus primarily upon shades of green:


Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 10  Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 9  Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 8  Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 7  Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 6  Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 5  Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 4  Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 3  Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 1  Al Fresco - The Color Sense Game - 2



As you can see, you may wind up with a different harmony family each time you play The Color Sense Game, depending upon your answers.  It’s fun because you can see the wide range of color palettes available – you might wind up liking several that aren’t even in your harmony family!  Click here to play The Color Sense Game yourself!


Images courtesy of Pittsburgh Paints.


Fab Fabrics: Update March 1, 2009



As you may recall, I’ve been eyeing some fabrics for some simple decorating projects around the house.  Only 5 days after ordering swatches of four different fabrics from Buy Fabrics, my awesome swatches have arrived!!


Fabric Swatches


These are pretty generous swatches, about 6 – 8 inches long and 3 inches wide – definitely enough fabric to decide whether or not you like it, and what a steal for only $2.50 per swatch!!


I think I’ve decided to go for two of the four swatches – the two on the right, which are the ones that I originally ran past you guys a few days ago.  The top right black and white graphic fabric will look great on the barstools in the kitchen, and the bottom right paisley fabric will really add some interest and color as curtains in the third bedroom.  At $13 and $10 a yard, they are a great price.  


The swatches on the left didn’t make the cut, so I’m really glad that I checked out the swatches before committing to buying several yards of the fabrics!!  I was interested in the top left floral fabric for outdoor pillows for our covered patio, and the chocolate paisley fabric for curtains in the third bedroom – but after comparing them to the fabrics on the right they just don’t cut the mustard.


What do you guys think??


Fab Fabrics February 21, 2009

Now that most of the major renovation projects for our home are completed, I can’t WAIT to start decorating!!!!!  I came across some beautiful and totally affordable fabrics the other day that I am dying to do something with:

moorish-black-tile       apriana-confetti

I think they could be great to reupholster the barstools at our kitchen counter or on the windows in the second bedroom.  The black and off-white in the tile patterned fabric would look dynamite on the barstools, and really complement the weathered iron knobs and pulls on the kitchen cabinets.  I love the paisley pattern because it is full of color and movement, and would really liven up the green bedspread and tan walls in the second bedroom.

I was really impressed by the fabric selection at this on-line fabric store, with most of the prices per square yard ranging from $9-$12, which is a huge discount compared to similar quality fabrics at other fabric stores such as Joann’s (I think the prices beat Joann’s even with a discount coupon!!).

So what do you think about the fabrics??  Which one would you choose?  Have other suggestions?


Give New Life To Old Carpet February 20, 2009

Okay, so you’ve torn up all of your old carpets and put in beautiful new hardwood floors – now what do you do with all of that old carpet?  Don’t throw it out!!!!!  While carpet is cheaper than some other flooring options like hardwood floors it can still be pretty costly to purchase, so leftover carpet that is in decent shape can actually come in pretty handy.

Here are two great uses for your leftover carpet:

1.  Bind it up.  If you’ve ever looked into buying a rug, particularly a big one like an 8 x 10, then you know that they can be really (and I mean really) expensive.  So why not save yourself a little cash and have your leftover carpet bound into a few ridiculously cheap area rugs?  You can have pieces of rug bound for about $1 per linear foot – that’s less than $40 for an 8 x 10 rug, compared to almost $200 for a similar rug from Home Depot.  If you’re in the mood for a DIY project, this company even sells a product that helps you bind your own carpet.

We had tons of leftover carpet from our house after we put in hardwood floors, and the carpet was in perfect condition (seriously, the seller must have recarpeted the entire house about 5 seconds before she moved out!!).  Now, instead of being wasted, some of that leftover carpet from our house is living the good life as an area rug in my brother’s living room.  Pretty cool, right??

If you don’t have leftover carpet of your own to bind into an area rug, you can easily find carpet remnants at any store that sells carpet – at a great discount.  This is a great way to get a new area rug on the cheap.

2.  Fork it over.  Even if you don’t have a use for your leftover carpet, someone else probably does!!    Why not save a friend some money and help them give a room in their house an instant makeover?  In just a few hours, their old, dingy carpet can be removed and replaced with your awesome leftover carpet.    Everybody wins!!  And if you don’t know anyone that wants the carpet, you will have no problem selling it on Craigslist to someone who does.

TIP:  When the carpet is being removed from your home, remove it in pieces that are as big as possible – preferably avoiding making any cuts in the carpet.  That way, you will have nice big pieces of carpet to either reinstall or have bound into a rug.