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Fab Fabrics: Update March 1, 2009



As you may recall, I’ve been eyeing some fabrics for some simple decorating projects around the house.  Only 5 days after ordering swatches of four different fabrics from Buy Fabrics, my awesome swatches have arrived!!


Fabric Swatches


These are pretty generous swatches, about 6 – 8 inches long and 3 inches wide – definitely enough fabric to decide whether or not you like it, and what a steal for only $2.50 per swatch!!


I think I’ve decided to go for two of the four swatches – the two on the right, which are the ones that I originally ran past you guys a few days ago.  The top right black and white graphic fabric will look great on the barstools in the kitchen, and the bottom right paisley fabric will really add some interest and color as curtains in the third bedroom.  At $13 and $10 a yard, they are a great price.  


The swatches on the left didn’t make the cut, so I’m really glad that I checked out the swatches before committing to buying several yards of the fabrics!!  I was interested in the top left floral fabric for outdoor pillows for our covered patio, and the chocolate paisley fabric for curtains in the third bedroom – but after comparing them to the fabrics on the right they just don’t cut the mustard.


What do you guys think??


3 Responses to “Fab Fabrics: Update”

  1. Jen Kachel Says:

    I like the choices. I’m loving your website, it’s now on my list of bookmarked ones to check! I’m thinking maybe you need to give me some brilliant decorating ideas!!

  2. Liz Says:


    I’m so glad you’re enjoying the site!! Feel free to send me some pics of your home for a custom makeover plan!

    ~ Liz

  3. Mitzie Myers Says:

    I particularly ove the paisley, and you apparently do also since they are 3 out of your 4 favorite patterns. I’ve seen some largish paisley stencils, so maybe “do” one of the bedroom walls, or a border? Both these patterns you selected have lots of pizzaz!

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