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A Real Simple Deal February 26, 2009

Real Simple has been one of my favorite magazines ever since my good friend Jen gave me a year’s subscription for my birthday awhile back.  If you’ve never read the magazine, drop what you’re doing and either go buy a copy or check it out here – believe me, it’s really that great.  Real Simple is filled with tons of useful ideas to make your life more . . . simple!  (You never would have guessed that from the title, right?)  But it can also make your life more organized.  And beautiful.  And all sorts of other fun things.

Right now, Real Simple and The Container Store have joined forces to bring you two free issues of this awesome mag.  Go ahead and click here to sign up for this great deal!!


Real Simple | Life Made Easier, Every Day

The Container Store® - The Original Storage and Organization Store®

While we’re on the subject of the awesomeness of Real Simple, I thought I’d tell you about this nifty wine-pairing tool on the Real Simple website.  Even though I’m a big fan of wine (we even have our own built-in wine fridge in the hutch in our breakfast nook), I’ve never been able to figure out which wine to serve with different dishes.  Turns out it’s real simple!  Click here and you’ll never commit another wine-pairing faux pas again – or at least you won’t have any excuse if you do! 

P.S.  I just used the wine-pairing tool and found out that I’m supposed to have a glass of Gewurztraminer or Riesling  with my spaghetti tonight – delish!!


Real Simple Wine Pairings


Images courtesy of Real Simple and The Container Store.


One Response to “A Real Simple Deal”

  1. Lauren Says:

    I always feel uninformed when picking a wine, and have made some embarrassing errors before. (Yes, many years ago I actually served port with steak!) I HATE to have the wine guy talk to me with his lofty “show-off” knowledge, and then make me feel like a cheapskate for not wanting the expensive wine he suggests. This easy, informative site you’ve provided will give me a little confidence in my wine wrangles. Thanks!!!

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