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A Little Change Will Do You Good February 17, 2009

Now that you’ve seen the reno pics and the “after” floorplan, I couldn’t wait to let you in on a few more changes that we made to the house.  Check out the “before” v. “after” floorplans!






We kept most of the walls intact, but you’ll notice that we made these big changes:
  • removed the wall between the kitchen and den to create one huge living space
  • converted the old water heater closet into a pantry in the laundry room
  • added French doors to the office
  • converted the double closet in the master bedroom into one large closet
  • combined the dressing area and master bath into a large master bath
  • converted the master tub into a huge two-person shower by stealing about 12 inches from the closet in the third bedroom
  • pushed back the entry to the closet in the master bath by about 6 inches to align with the shower
  • added two new full height windows to the den, looking onto the covered patio
  • removed the sink from the laundry room and added a utility sink in the garage (using the original plumbing) so that we could have enough space to use a front-loading washer and dryer
  • flipped the refrigerator from the right side of the kitchen to the left side to accomodate a side-by-side fridge

 Pretty cool, right?  What changes have you made to your house to better suit your lifestyle?


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